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Change is inevitable.

Change is inevitable.

The Ghost Embrace project is evolving. We have decided to showcase live for the CD release. So I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve done some reshuffling for that. Mr. Jerome Lee lives out of state, so I needed an alternative for collaboration and live events. Mario Pagliarulo was suggested by Eric Moon, as an excellent alternative and he has turned the first three songs he’s worked on, into something quite awesome. We look for magic in our music, and we’ve found that with Mario. I’m very pleased he has agreed to collaborate with us on the project, please welcome him with open arms. He’s a fabulous player and a super guy, you won’t be disappointed with his performances either. Very exciting player.

I am not in the video update, because I’m the one holding the camera. LOL! I promise to start working on videos that will provide insight into the songs we are putting on this record.

Mario Pagliarulo

Till then, enjoy the sneak peek, and check back often.



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Working Hard and it’s paying off.

We will be finalizing orchestration on the 12th of April, and currently we are full steam ahead, writing guitar parts with one of my favorite collaborators. Nema Sobhani is back and I’m very happy to be able to provide him with the best tone chain on the planet. We have a Friedman “Brown eye,” a PRS custom 22, loaded with Bare Knuckle pickups and a variety of very cool pedals to play with. I did a quick vid for you to keep you in the loop.

Don’t forget to Check out our other social media sites. like Google+

We are started shopping around for the right engineer to mix the new CD as well. I’ve got my feelers out, but no announcements yet. STAY TUNED!!

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Short and Sweet Update!


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Back at it…Jerome Lee in the HyperThreat House.

Jerome rolled in last Saturday, we are back in the studio again. Now that the drums are finally engraved in stone, some of the template ideas are getting tossed out. We are focusing on groove, and baby, we be groovin’! Jerome and I always get swept away by the creative side, so we forget to document and update. I promised myself this time I would post a little something every night, if I can.

Jerome and I worked up new ideas for “Rainbow Pirates,” and it’s such a different song now. Also got “Alone Again” under our belts today. I can’t wait to share. Talk soon!Excited with our progress. Happy Jerome is here to help nail this sucker down.

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Welcome to my world.

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How About A Preview?

I want to say “Hello” to our Ghost Embrace family! We truly appreciate your interest and support.

I wanted to catch up with you all with some highlights of the sessions leading up to, and including Morgan. It took me over a week to review and compile this, and I haven’t even scratched the surface, when it comes to the amount of Media we have for these sessions! That being said, here is a glimpse of the Ghost Embrace, “Quantum Heart” sessions.



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First Week Videos at HyperThreat Sound

Hi again everyone, Jerome Lee here to give you a little more behind the scenes happenings during my recent stay at HyperThreat Sound in Parker, Colorado near Denver.

The first week of my recording time for the next Ghost Embrace project release at HyperThreat Sound was during the week of August 24, 2014. Producer and studio owner Anne Freeman, audio engineer Michael Bevers, and I worked many hours to put together recording templates to be used for drummer Morgan Rose’s arrival the following week.

Instead of lots of text to describe what went on in the studio, I wanted to post these short videos to give you a gentle idea of what went on, and how things progressed –

I played both electric upright bass and electric bass guitar just about every day of my stay at the studio. I liked the way the songs started to shape up, which will be a great help to me when I return to the studio later on to re-record my bass parts. We won’t be using a new song that I brought to the studio for the new recordings, but a little bit of the bass part for this new song is shown in a video above.

Anne worked on her guitar parts as well. She played both acoustic and electric guitars, and she had definite ideas about how each one should sound. We would play for hours together when we first met many years ago, with her often playing one of her favorite acoustic guitars and me playing my four stringed bass guitar. But for me to watch and listen to her record some of her guitar parts while I was at the studio with her was special indeed.

Pianist Rebecca Harrold also visited the studio and added her parts to a few of the new Ghost Embrace songs. She even wrote a small change into a section of a song that Anne and I had been working on, it turned out very well. Rebecca has her own touch and her own style on the piano, her delivery on the instrument added a warm overall tone to any song she was recording.

The second week added more recording from drummer Morgan Rose. I will post some more of the short videos of what he did on the drums soon. In the meantime, enjoy the blogs posted here as well as the videos, and thank you always for reading them. Our continued journey of Ghost Embrace continues…

KODAK Digital Still Camera

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I was thinking I would give you all more insight into how some of the songs and the lyrics came to life.


I have been writing in a “Thought Book,” for many years, started when I was 12 actually. I graduated from a simple thought process, to long stories than poetry.Then soon learned how to edit my ideas down for lyric content. Eventually developing the skill of getting to the point rather quickly, using visuals as my guide for describing emotional situations. Rainbow Pirates, is an interesting example of my early days of writing.

Jerome and I have been good friends for over 20 years. We go way back to our days in Los Angeles, where we both struggled to find our voice in the music industry. We were both dead broke, yet every week Jerome would drive over the hill from West L.A., to the end of the Valley where I lived, in Sylmar. We wouldn’t drink, or get wasted, we would play for hours. Jerome on his bass, and myself, on Amy.  A 1974 Guild F112 12 string acoustic, which I still own to this day.


On one if those occasions, I was very excited about two new parts I had just written, and was thrilled to show him. I asked him to help figure out where to go with them, because one was a major progression and the other was a minor progression. Jerome is ALWAYS very attentive and generous about sharing ideas, and after I had played the two parts for him, he smiled and said, “put them together!” And the verse and chorus of “Rainbow Pirates,” was born.


I have books filled with lyrics, old and new, and they come at different times for different reasons. Rainbow Pirates however; presented itself as an epiphany. As I said, Jerome and I had struggled to get our footing in the L.A. music scene at that time, and I had become discouraged. It was much more difficult for woman back when I started and I was losing faith in my ability to break through all the spandex, eyeliner and tenors.

The gentleman I had rented my room from when I lived in Sylmar, was an interesting character by the name of George Martin. George was a pot smoking, 70 year old, retired broadcast journalist, with 8 Golden Mic awards. He was also a photography hobbyist.One morning I had rolled in from a night on the town, at about 7AM. George had all the lights out in the living room when I walked in, and he was flipping through slides of photo’s he had taken. He loved taking pictures of rainbows,  and would literally pull his vehicle to the side of the road to get a shot. I sat down to enjoy the slide show when a picture popped up of a rainbow that ended at the top of the Capital Records building. I looked at him and said, “George, you really keep your eyes open for rainbo…..jumped up, grabbed a pen and wrote the chorus to Rainbow Pirates on the spot. When I sat down with the new progression that Jerome suggested I put together, and sang the chorus for the first time, I burst into tears. It was a defining moment for me. The rest of the song just poured out of me. It was cathartic and defines my early days in this industry perfectly.

I hope it reminds all who listen, that struggle is a part of life, we just need to keep looking up. Stay positive and stay faithful to your dreams. Success is defined in many ways, and for me it is defined by what I do. I write and I sing. So I feel the most successful, when I am the best at being myself.


“Rainbow Pirates”


Searching for rainbows

Adrift in the sky

Pirate believer

With wind in my eye

What lies before me

Riches unseen

Steering a rainbow

Riding a dream

Keep your eyes open for rainbows

Keep looking up at the sky

Keep your heart steady and faithful

The truth is that spark in your eye

Here comes the dragon

Prowling the sky

We stand by the sword

My spirit and I

Shielded in courage

Facing our fears

A rebel for glory

Shedding a tear

For all that I can be

I’ve lived inside my mind

At least a thousand times

Over and over

Haunted by wishes

A pirate seeking riches


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Quantum Connection

I learned an important lesson, many years ago. An old friend reminded me, “This ain’t no dress rehearsal.” Time is always a constant, and yet most of us find ourselves reacting to it, or cursing it’s challenges. If life is perception, why not perceive it at its best?

A lot of the tunes going on “Quantum Heart,” are built on this premise. “Closin’ In,” and “Heartbeat,” are perfect example of building upon positive perceptions of love, and affirming it with faith. 

The universe responds accordingly. Equal and opposite action/reaction forces pairs…right? Heh! Gotta love Newton when your trying to win a point. Or write a song.

Back to  “Heartbeat”

Believin’ is sumthin’
That no one can steal
I always knew
Love was real
So many times
Led astray
I always knew
It would happen someday

I feel a heartbeat
In rhythm with mine
I know it’s only a matter of time
It’s on its way
True love is only a heartbeat away.

Wishes they fall
In a sparkle of light
One star to a wish
One wish to a night

Love is a candle
That burns in the dark
One love to a flame
One flame to a heart

“Closin’ in” also expresses, that an empty heart will be filled soon enough.

Hard to get
Hard to hold
The kind of lovin’
I’ve been dreaming of
I can’t see
But I can feel
Somebody’s coming
I know it’s real
I feel the love

Closin’ in
Closin’ in on me
Closin’ in
Closin’ in on me

Nothing ventured
Nothing gained
My heart is waiting
Here for you to claim
I don’t know
Who your gonna be
I only know that
You were meant for me

I feel the love…..etc…

There is more than one person on this planet, that is perfect for you. We are all worthy of love, so feel good knowing it’s coming for you, when you least expect it. 😉

More lyric stories to come.

Night for now.


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Quantum Heart

Let me tell you, the last few weeks have been a whirlwind. As I said before, we were slammin’ these templates together, with the help of Jerome Lee, Rebecca Harrold and Chance Gallagher. Now we have Morgan who has thrown down a solid foundation and direction. Now we build from here. We did have Morgan record drums for two songs that were on the first Ghost Embrace Record, as well, “Rainbow Pirates” and “What a Surprise.” And the groove will surprise you. Although, I knew that “GROOVE” is what Morgan does best. That’s why I choose him for this project.


One of the most amazing things about this record, as was the first, is how the universe brings people together to heal. Morgan is a pro in this industry, and he does a lot of side work, us included! But what he felt with us, was different than he is use to. It makes me smile, how much he loved the creative process and how much he cared about our music, and the people involved. He’s a special guy, and we shared a lot of heart together. Morgan and Sheila extended their stay, because of how good it felt hanging together, and how easily we all connected. My husband and my kids, all enjoyed their company, and I can say with confidence, we are all now good friends. So Saturday the 6th, we finished up all the important business of recording and Sunday was a day to relax and spend time together, as well as show them what our Colorado is about! So we took them out to Kiowa Creek Shooting Club and blew up some clay’s. We had a blast!

Now I’m not at good as Jerome at all this blogging stuff, but I’m going to try and give you all a feel for what we are doing, this time around.


Though I know that some of you are disappointed that Chad Kent is no longer a part of the project, I’m sorry to say that this wasn’t my decision.

Chad Kent Biography Pic

We wish him well, and hope that he finds happiness in any project he lands in. However; since he no longer is involved with Ghost Embrace any more, I was forced to make a tough decision.

Does Ghost Embrace continue as a progressive project, or do we roll with the more edgy, mainstream sound that has grown out of the new material?

Morgan has been the catalyst for our direction, and I am very pleased with my decision to bring him in. The songs feel bigger, though much more accessible this time around.


This leads us to the title of the new record,

“Quantum Heart.”


I believe the universe will give us exactly what we need, to grow or reach beyond the limits we set for ourselves. A.E. Waite, described God, in his book “The Holy Kabbalah,” as

the “center-less whirl, in the vastness of expansion.

This pool of energy is where I believe all of us came from, and eventual are absorbed back into when our bodies fail us.

I have even read just recently, that there is also scientific corroboration. Check out a book titled “Biocentrism: How Life and Consciousness Are the Keys to Understanding the Nature of the Universe,” by scientist Dr. Robert Lanz.

Anyway, there was a reason were all drawn together for the first record, which was incredibly healing for all involved. And now the universe has brought together, some of the most talented people I have ever worked with.

Morgan spoke in depth of some of his past and current trials, and I knew immediately that he needed positive people in his life. This is why the universe brought us together.


Jerome Lee is like a shining example of poise. as is Michael Bevers, and both possess a very gracious heart.


I, on the other hand, am a big mouth, but a hard core pirate believer.


I always give people the benefit of the doubt. I am disappointed occasional, but I am always rewarded as a staunch believer, with the good things we can build together, in multiple combinations of talent and heart. My heart is strong and unafraid. I welcome challenges, there is good reason why we are here. New hearts are stirred, and old hearts are relinquished to find their way, on their own. “Quantum Heart” is about the deeper connections, we never stop feeling. Though people pass through our lives, we are still connected forever. Like dropping a stone into a still pond? The ripples that emanate from the center, continue to grow and touch others. The true legacy in life is the people you touch, and the strongest epiphanies are the people you need to meet. The universe will bring them in and lead them out, as needed.

We hope the new record touches you as deeply as we feel about the people that inspired the material.

Much love to you all. Talk soon.



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