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Morgan Rose and Ghost Embrace

It’s hard to catch my breath, with so much going on. We are counting down to Morgans arrival. Everything is buzzing in the studio, to expedite these sessions with Morgan Rose, as smoothly and professionally as possible.

We have rented the “Celebrity Kit” from Drum City Guitarland, and Tim delivered them today. I will be picking up “Johnny,” Morgans Tech tomorrow from DIA. He will be our guest at HyperThreat for the time Morgan is here. I have no idea what he looks like, so maybe I’ll carry a sign or something. Heh!



This experience with Jerome has been nerve wracking but always interesting…my daughter has been Challenged by Romey, to write one song a month. Can’t wait to hear the results .She is a very special young artist.

Maybe make her record next .  🙂


Well, I’m way later than I should be , i’m loving all the new creative people. Gonna throw this up for ya’ll real quick and hopefully learn how to use these blog. I have to share my pix of my favorite people. Our hired gun on Guitar. Dedicated player. Chance has been so great at finding the best fit for the project. He’s a killer player and a super nice guy too.


I’m stressing. The time is near to make this a great expedience for all of us. Se will share more blogs as these go. So you can understand how much work goes into building these song structures.


anneI’m elated by all the doors opening and the music I’m writing. I hope it will build and strengthen your  “Quantum Heart”

I”m elated and I love you all. Now I really need to get some sleep before I fall down.





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Past and Present

Hi Again,

It’s me, Jerome Lee saying hello and to give you a little background and update about the Ghost Embrace project. You see, Anne Freeman and myself go back a long way, our work in music together started just over two decades ago. Anne was writing songs back then that we would practice together, much the same as we are doing today.

Anne worked hard to get her music heard back then, and the city of Los Angeles was a difficult place to rise above the artistic musical crowd. She succeeded anyway with getting radio airplay of her original music at a major radio station there.

When it was time to put together a live act for her music, Anne did always find the best musicians, but she also found people whom she felt would work well together. Her ability to put musicians together who did not know each other previously seems to be a skill that she alone has. The result was always a magical show with Anne singing from deep within to the people in attendance. And I was her choice for the role of the bass player in her groups for a time; it was an honor for me to be a part of her live music experience.

After being apart for several years, we both found ourselves living in the same region of the country and Anne began once again to produce her own music. Enter the project named Ghost Embrace. Anne’s decision to go with this name can invoke a few visions, but her intent is to envision those people who have been in our past and may no longer be in our lives day to day that seem to remain in our lives in our minds and spirits. It is a beautiful notion to me and she intends for her songs on the first Ghost Embrace release to emit positive images of healing for all who listen.

Fast forward up to now, and Anne, as owner and supervisor of HyperThreat Sound studios in Parker, Colorado near Denver is currently working on music for the second Ghost Embrace release. The musicians on the project thus far include me on basses, Rebecca Harrold on piano, and Chance Gallagher on guitars. There is also a special guest who will play drums on the project; his name is Morgan Rose.

This current Ghost Embrace project is at the input stage of recording, and there will be much more work on the music before it is released. But what better time to follow along on this journey with us, it will be special indeed.






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Hi Everyone

I’m finally finding some time to familiarize myself with the new blog.


And I will do my best to keep you updated on the latest news.

At this point we are creating song templates, for Morgan to play to.

We are doing our best to get the songs all mapped out and hopefully embed some feel as well.

We are feeling out the songs as we go, building them organically.

Jerome spent some time with me here at the studio, last month and I am bringing him in again, for another two weeks.

KODAK Digital Still Camera

He’ll be here at the end of this week, to assist me in fine tuning the songs, as well as building new ones.

chance and pupper

Chance has been working hard with us, adding blistering shred to the material.

He also loves hanging with Koda Joe Dog!

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