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Change is inevitable.

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Change is inevitable.

The Ghost Embrace project is evolving. We have decided to showcase live for the CD release. So I’m pretty excited about that. I’ve done some reshuffling for that. Mr. Jerome Lee lives out of state, so I needed an alternative for collaboration and live events. Mario Pagliarulo was suggested by Eric Moon, as an excellent alternative and he has turned the first three songs he’s worked on, into something quite awesome. We look for magic in our music, and we’ve found that with Mario. I’m very pleased he has agreed to collaborate with us on the project, please welcome him with open arms. He’s a fabulous player and a super guy, you won’t be disappointed with his performances either. Very exciting player.

I am not in the video update, because I’m the one holding the camera. LOL! I promise to start working on videos that will provide insight into the songs we are putting on this record.

Mario Pagliarulo

Till then, enjoy the sneak peek, and check back often.



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