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Everything is still compartmentalized…

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Hi everyone, 

Everything is going really well, and as usual, I’m slammed trying to do everything at once. Filming some update video, and restoring a hard drive along with coordinating rehearsals and following up with business at the studio. Lots of stress but it’s all worth it in the long run. Once we get out and play, it will finally all come together.

advertbannerThe CD will be in production shortly, and I am adding an extra mix to the hard release, photos and lyrics as well. It’s important to me that you understand what the process was, how we got here. The highs and the lows, it’s good to struggle for what you love the most. The disappointments only opened new doors, and offered more opportunities.

I was just going through all my photos, thankfully I have recovered them! Had a hard drive mishap about 2 weeks ago, and it’s been a painful process getting all my files organized, once recovered. Nearly five gigs of data, and most of it is my life through this process.SAMSUNG CSC

I remember my first view in Vancouver. ( July 2015)SAMSUNG CSC

….and the view when I came back to finish the mixes in September.


Took a lot of pictures and video in Vancouver. I tried to document everything because I was learning so much.  It was an incredible experience. It’s not often a producer has the opportunity to work with one of the finest sonic artists in the industry. Randy Staub is an incredible engineer, and he made my job so much easier.


 The best part of the process of course is recording with such incredible musicians, and the magic when the right combination of people are in the room at the same time. It’s what keeps driving me, I love making music. I’ve already been adding some new elements for the live version of a couple songs, that will be a little different than the record. Everything just keeps evolving and tightening.

It’s more than just a brand to me, “Ghost Embrace” is the expression of my life. Quantum Heart started from a dark place, yet it grew as I did, with the realization that without conflict there is no resolve. You need the bad to appreciate the good, IMHO. Nobody ever said it would be easy, what’s the fun in that? I am looking forward to this next stage, and grateful you are all here sharing it with me.


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