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Rehearsal Update!!

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Hello everyone, Anne here!

I have been crazy busy, {as usual} but I wanted to take a minute and fill you all in on our progress. I have a video update full of pix and video of our rehearsals, up at Doghouse Music! I am having so much fun shaking out these tunes with a full band. The guys and gals are hard working and love the music, which is a bonus for me. I’m so happy with our progress that I built this video just for you. Now you can get a feel for the perspective on some of the old school influences I love, especially in People! This song rocks with a free heart and a rebellious soul.

Even added some random pix and video of some of my favorite people and hobbies!

We are close to showcasing the band and can’t wait to get your feedback on our performance. Enjoy the video and listen to us free on Jango!


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